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Community Wildfire Protection Plan on Way
For Ridge, Manorville and Calverton

Pine Barrens Commission Joins Area Fire Departments To Create Plan Vital to
Wildland Fire Protection

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A Community Wildfire Protection Plan
for the Ridge, Manorville and Calverton Communities is currently being prepared.

The Plan will help identify areas at
greatest risk for wildfire and also identify
what can be done by the landowning agencies
 and the local residents  to reduce their risk,
and loss and damage to property
from wildfires.

Public landowners and residents located
within this Plan area can find out more about
this project and can provide their input by
clicking here
or visit the Project's Facebook

Daily Fire Danger Report

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August 10, 2015 fire in the Dwarf Pine Plains on the west side of CR 31 in Westhampton, NY.
Approximately five acres burned before it was extinguished by local fire agencies and County responders.

The Central Pine Barrens Region                                                                                           

New York's southeasternmost county, Suffolk, occupies the eastern end of Long Island, containing over 900 square miles of terrestrial and marine environments. Three of Suffolk County's ten towns host the 100,000+ acre, New York State designated region known as the Central Pine Barrens.  This region is the largest remnant of a forest thought to have once encompassed over a quarter million acres.  The Central Pine Barrens overlies a portion of Long Island's federally designated sole source drinking water aquifer.

For an introduction to this and similar areas in the northeastern United States, see:                                                                                    


The Pine Barrens Act, the Plan, the Commission, and Land Use

In 1993, New York State's Long Island Pine Barrens Protection Act defined this region at the junction of the Towns of Brookhaven, Riverhead, and Southampton. The 1993 Act created a five member Central Pine Barrens Joint Planning and Policy Commission, an Advisory Committee, and mandated the production and implementation of the Central Pine Barrens Comprehensive Land Use Plan, adopted in June 1995.  (Photo:  Wildwood Lake is a 64 acre fresh water body in the Southampton Town portion of the Central Pine Barrens, a few miles south of the Riverhead business district and the Peconic River.  See the NYS DEC web page for the Lake. Click photo to enlarge.)


Stewardship Activities:  Law Enforcement, Land Management, and Fire Management

The Plan and the Commission have created three specialized, topical Councils to address operational and stewardship needs for this multijurisdictional region, and citizen involvement is strongly encouraged.  (Left: ATV Damage Mitigation Field Work; Right: Wildfire Safety video available upon request.  Click for details.)

Main Stewardship Page  - This page contains sections on:

Recreation in the Pine Barrens With over 30,000 acres of protected public lands in the Central Pine Barrens, there are many opportunities for exploring and enjoying Long Island's largest natural area.  Activities available include walking and hiking, camping, horseback riding, canoeing and boating, bicycling (both road touring and mountain biking), hunting, fishing, and other pursuits.  For an introduction, see our booklet entitled Exploring the Long Island Pine Barrens:  Information for Outdoor Recreation (or the pdf version). (Photo:  Cover of one of five Pine Barrens Field Guides compiled by the fourth grade class of Ms. Debbie Lohman at the Miller Avenue Elementary School in the Shoreham Wading River School District.  The students presented their pine barrens class results to the Commission at its April meeting.  The guides cover drinking water, plants, animals, insects, soil, the water cycle, fire and pollution.  Click to enlarge this cover.  Click here to view or download a copy.  Contact the Commission office for the full guide.)

The Pine Barrens Credit (Transfer of Development Rights) Program                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

The 1995 Plan initiated a "transfer of development rights", or "Pine Barrens Credit" (PBC) Program. The Program is more fully described in the Central Pine Barrens Plan (Chapter 6), and the Pine Barrens Credit Program Handbook, a question and answer book for landowners and other interested parties.  The Plan is available online (see links above) as is the Handbook.  Printed copies can be requested from the office.  For up to date PBC Program information see the Pine Barrens Credit Program Main Page See a presentation style overview of the PBC Program (24 pages) in this pdf file.
  (Photo: Dwarf Pine Plains area in Westhampton)

Scientific Research and the Pine Barrens                                                                             
Ecologists, geologists, hydrogeologists, historians, botanists, planners, and other specialists have looked at the barrens of the U.S. in many scientific studies.  There are a number of organized "pine barrens research" efforts underway and flourishing. (Photo:  Turtles in the barrens are discussed in the "Reptiles" web page of Brookhaven Laboratory.  Photo by Ray Corwin.  Click to enlarge.)  See Scientific Research and the Pine Barrens - Main Page  (updated 4/10).

Improving Stewardship In Concert With our International "Twin" - Pisa, Italy Regional Parks

Several protected and reserved areas across New York State have been "twinned" with comparable regions in Italy, with the goal of sharing knowledge and experience among citizens of both regions.  The Central Pine Barrens Commission and Migliarino - San Rossore - Massaciuccoli (MSRM) Regional Park in Tuscany, Italy are "twin parks" under this program. (Photo:  Sunset along the coast within MSM Regional Park.  Photo by Ray Corwin.  Click to enlarge.)  See a short summary of this work in this pdf file.  At the 2004 Pine Barrens Research Forum on 10/8/04, a formal Memorandum of Agreement between our two parks was signed - see the English or Italian versions in pdf format.  The twinnings was also part of the 2005 Park Festival in Pisa, described in the Festa del Parco agenda (pdf, Italian and English). In 2009, a supplemental MOA was signed regarding the student biodiversity mapping program.

Publications, Maps and Additional Information:

  • Ray Corwin Pine Barrens Reference Library Category Inventory  (updated April 2004).  (pdf version) No, not a virtual library - a real one, housed in our Great River office! To see what information you can expect to find if you visit, first browse our on line inventory of subjects.
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    (Photo:  A ground level view of the landscape in Warbler Woods County Park, showing haircap moss along a road.  The genus Polytrichum includes several haircap mosses; see the "Natural Perspective" web site's page on this genus. For an introduction to the broader world of mosses and liverworts (the phylum Bryophyta) see both Dr. John Kimball's (Harvard University) "Mosses and Liverworts" and the Leatherwood Trail web site's "World of Mosses".  Photo by Ray Corwin.  Click to enlarge.)

    Contacting the Commission:

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