Central Pine Barrens Pending and Recent Development Applications
as of 5/10/17

This compilation itemizes projects which are currently pending.
See past and recent projects that have been decided at: Development & Land Use Main Page

Please note that public hearings are held as part of the Commission's regular meetings, and that
the locations of those upcoming meetings can be found within the Commission's meeting schedule.

Also included here are other land use matters under the Commission's jurisdiction
(e.g., core boundary change requests, violations, etc.).
Requests for determinations of jurisdiction from the Commission are not applications,
and are not included in this summary.See Requests for Determination of Jurisdiction at: Determinations of Jurisdiction

Active items are shown in boldface.

Core Preservation Area

Town/Tax Map 

Application Name


Project Description



Independent Group Home Living Program, Inc. (IGHL)
Southeast intersection of North Street and Ryerson Avenue, Manorville
Development of a one-story, 4,295 square foot, seven bedroom group home on a 4.12 acre project site.
Core Hardship Application (4/7/17)
Exhibits (4/7/17)

485 County Road 111 (Starbucks)
East side of CR 111, south of the Long Island Expressway, Manorville
Change of zone from J2 to J Business 5 to make the existing building into a single tenant major restaurant use. The current restaurant tenant, Starbucks, may expand into the bank space and utilize the bank's existing drive-thru facilities. Interior alterations and parking lot modifications are proposed.
Core Hardship Application (3/28/17)



Sunderland Property

West side of Schultz Road, Manorville

Development of a 2.2 acre parcel with a single-family residence, individual septic system, and related infrastructure in the A Residence 5 Zoning District.

Materials (5/26/16)
Development map
Survey of Gore Area
Letter (6/16/16)
Letter (7/6/16)
Letter (7/18/16)
Letter (8/1/16) Request for Determination of Jurisdiction.
Letter (8/24/16)
Meeting Minutes (9/21/16)



Henry Dittmer
Core Preservation Area Hardship Waiver

Northbound ramp cloverleaf from NYS Route 25 to William Floyd Parkway, Ridge

Development of a single-family dwelling on a 5,735 square foot project site in the A Residence 5 Zoning District.

The public hearing on this project was cancelled.

Request (8/27/15, 10/13/15)
Letter and Survey (10/20/15)
Letter (11/13/15)
Request for extension


600-138-1-6.2 and 7.1

Kent Animal Shelter Core Preservation Area Hardship Waiver Application

2259 River Road, Calverton

The project site is 2.138 acres in the Residence B-40 Zoning District. The proposal is for the expansion and redevelopment of a site with an existing animal shelter. The existing building area is 8,913 square feet. The proposed building area is 13,558 square feet.

A public hearing was held on this project at the 3/18/15 Commission meeting and adjourned.
A second public hearing was held on 8/19/15.
The current decision deadline is 3/15/17.

Application (12/19/14)
Cover letter, Affidavit, EAF, Petition and Analysis,
Other Permits
Site Plan
Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3, Sheet 4, Sheet 5,
Sheet 6, Sheet 7, Sheet 8, Sheet 9, Sheet 10

Request to adjourn hearing from 2/25/15 to 3/18/15.
Request for extension (4/13/15)

Additional materials (6/17/15)

Additional materials (7/15/15)
NYSDEC Permit details
Riverhead ZBA variance approval
Draft Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions
Revised plans

Public Hearing Transcript (8/19/15)
Request for extension
Request for extension (11/9/15)
Request for extension (12/8/15)
Request for extension (1/14/16)
Request for extension
Request for extension for three months
Request for extension for three months
Request for extension for three months
Request for extension for three months

(Core Preservation Area, Critical Resource Area, and Compatible Growth Area)

900- Sections 203, 219, 220, 250, 251, 288, 289, 314 (approximately 185 parcels total in the 594 acre project site)

The Hills at Southampton Mixed Use Planned Development District (MUPDD)

East of Lewis Road, north and south of Sunrise Highway, East Quogue

A change of zone on a 594 acre project site to develop a 118-lot single-family residential subdivision including two and three story buildings, an 18-hole private golf course, a 155,760 square foot (3.6 acre) clubhouse, a bowling alley, fitness area, spa, theater, basketball courts, yoga facility, ponds, parking, roads, road abandonments, utility connections, a water supply well field, and other infrastructure. The project site is in residential zoning districts.

Submission by Carolyn Zenk (2/23/15)

Submission by Carolyn Zenk (8/22/14)
Main document
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O

The Hills at Southampton MUPDD submitted to the Southampton Town Board is posted at:

Request for Determination of Jurisdiction (6/24/15) (see det_jur.htm)

Determination of Jurisdiction (see meeting minutes of 10/21/15)

Compatible Growth Area

Town/Tax Map 


Project Description




Shwonik/Guyder Farm (Finks Farm)
Compatible Growth Area Hardship Waiver Application

east side of Wading River Road, north side of NYS Route 25, Wading River

Request for waiver to exceed clearing limit standard to 90% for agricultural land use.

Application (2/1/17)
Map (2/1/17)
Resolution to schedule hearing (2/15/17)
Fink Affidavit
Rigano Affidavit
Financial report


7-Eleven Middle Island northeast corner of CR 21 and NYS Route 25
 change of zone to develop a convenience store and redevelop existing gas station Application (5/3/17)
Site Plan

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