Central Pine Barrens Development & Land Use
Updated through 3/28/17
Is a parcel within the Central Pine Barrens?

For assistance in determining whether a specific parcel is within the Central Pine Barrens (or one of the
statutorily defined areas within the Central Pine Barrens),
simply contact the Commission staff at the main number, 631-288-1079, or by e-mail at our general mailbox.  The following information may be helpful.

Every parcel of land falls into one of these categories with respect to the Central Pine Barrens:

The Suffolk County Tax Map number(s), generally found on tax bills and other official documents, is helpful for this step. It is a four part number with the format "District - Section - Block - Lot":    LIPA Restoration Project underway at Dwarf Pine Plains area (4/2012)
You can see the general location of the Core and Compatible Growth Area with respect to major roadways using the map at this link: pdf. Do not use this map as a final determinant of a specific parcel's location! This map is best when printed at 11" x 17".

The Legislation, the Plan, and Commission Jurisdiction

New York Environmental Conservation Law Article 57  (an unofficial copy of the Long Island Pine Barrens Protection Act) contains several provisions regarding development.

Central Pine Barrens Plan Volume 1: Policies, Programs and Standards contains standards, guidelines, and review procedures for development projects and applications.  See, especially, these two chapters:

Comprehensive Land Use Plan Amendments

Comprehensive Land Use Plan SEQRA Documents

1994 Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement
1995 Supplemental Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement
1995 Findings Statement

Filing a Development Application

Is an application to the Commission required? Project sponsors may submit written inquiries (no special form is required) to the Commission if they wish to have a "determination of jurisdiction" made prior to filing an application. The jurisdiction (and type of review, if any) of the Commission over a development project is based upon both the project's geographic location and the nature of the project. Inquiries are examined first by staff, and are submitted to the Commission for a decision if necessary. See the recent Requests for Determination of Jurisdiction

Applications to the Commission for development permits generally go through the following steps:

Core Preservation Area development application information: Compatible Growth Area (CGA) development application information: Review of Development Projects by Other Agencies

Interested persons should contact those agencies directly.  Some links to sites that may be helpful include the following. This is not meant to be a complete listing!

Development Projects and Land Use

Central Pine Barrens (both Core and CGA)

Compatible Growth Area: Core Preservation Area:  Pine Barrens Credits and Development: Complaints, Investigations, and Violations